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Hire Professional Drivers With DCLS In Nigeria.

Hire a Professional Driver

 At DCLS outsourcing arm, we provide Reliable and professionally trained drivers to Individuals, Companies, and Organizations. Our drivers are well trained, tested, and highly competent, safety-conscious, have good communication skills, are properly vetted & verified, and do not drink and drive.

We perform constant checks on our drivers coupled with bimonthly training for our drivers.  Also, all our drivers undergo periodic medical tests (usually every six months) to ascertain their physical and mental health to ensure they are fit for the job.

What You Need To know About Hiring Professional Drivers With DCLS In Nigeria.

What We Offer

Hiring a professional driver from DCLS will guarantee you peace of mind and will also ensure all your needs are met, as we have made the process of hiring professional Drivers to drive you in your vehicle seamless, while we relieve you of the details of hiring and employing so you have more time to focus on the core of your business.

  • We verify the validity of drivers which includes confirming license and getting referees that stand in for them in any case of concerns
  • We provide alternative driver in any case of client’s dissatisfaction or emergency
  • The proximity of the driver to your house of residence to enable emergency need an affordable fee as well as avoid constraints and issues such as lateness, traffic, which ultimately gives you comfort
  • We offer you trained, well-mannered, disciplined, well dressed, motivated, dedicated, and Professional Drivers
  • We offer drivers continuous training to facilitate up to date ability on the Job
  • We take care of your need to advertise directly to get a driver and substantially reduced time-to-hire & cost-per-hire.

With us, you get to make a suitable selected from our pool of trained drivers


Our drivers are professionally trained, friendly, and have a good knowledge of the road network. Our drivers know most good diversion in case of traffic jam and go slow. They can take you to any location in the shortest time possible. Irrespective of your case, you can be assured you’re in safe hands. Our drivers are fully licensed and are updated on any current regulations and restrictions as regard driving services and necessary professional insurance.

We ensure that when you request the service of our driver for either your private or corporate organizations use, the assigned drivers are/have:

  • Reliable, dedicated, disciplined, and professional
  • Verified and have capable guarantors
  • Alternative and standby for emergency
  • Continuous training on their job
  • Proximity and Cost-effectiveness

What they shall be doing for you:

  • The drivers shall strictly observe traffic rules and regulations and maximum speed.
  • The drivers shall maintain assigned vehicles always clean and in good condition, necessary maintenance such as washing and /or cleaning of assigned vehicles shall be done and scheduled properly for the convenience of the client.
  • The drivers shall assist with the routine check-up of the vehicles, routine check-up which includes but are not limited to oil, brake function, water, lights & tire condition, and the likes.
  • The drivers shall always drive the vehicles safely and comfortably and exercises defensive driving while on the road to prevent an accident. Reckless driving shall be sufficient ground for the driver’s recall and consequently be a cause of termination.
  • The drivers shall observe strictly the company or individual rules and regulations, policies and directives, and instructions of the company or an individual
  • The drivers shall Transport clients from home or office to various locations, also picking up office purchases or other administrative needs.
  • The drivers shall Interact with clients in professional conduct and maintain an organized transit schedule, utilizing navigation apps to find the most optimal route.
  • The drivers shall ensure that vehicles have sufficient gas and are always ready for use, take vehicles for repairs when necessary, and assist with reminders for the monthly mileage records.

The Basic Requirements of Our Drivers:

Trust us with your Driver recruitment needs.

Drivecare Logistics and Services Ltd (DCLS) is outstanding transportation, fleet management, and outsourcing Company with over 6years of trusted business dealings. Our vision is to be the Leading Provider of Road Transportation Services nationwide, across Africa, and beyond. Our Mission is to create a safe and comfortable transportation system through professionally trained personnel, with effective and efficient processes.

We provide drivers for individuals and corporate organizations, buses for staff, churches, and companies, courier and mail services across the country, and haulage. Our range of clientele stretches beyond Lagos with Uber and Bolt being one of our major business partners. we also have worked with organizations such as Zapphaire Events, Chocolate City Music, House of Tara International, The Covenant Nation [Former Covenant Christian Centre], Awesome Treasures Foundation, just to list a few. We have proven to the existing clients our dependable, reliable, and efficient transportation and logistics services.

We at DCLS would like to be that dynamic process that ensures your staffs have every reason to remain focused on their primary task or work, even on the go to and fro for success, providing not just credible but also dependable drivers.
Efficient and reliable drivers could impact your sales by aiding the effectiveness of sale rep and marketers, they also play a key role in ensuring staffs are never late and are able to minimize traffic concerns. The importance of a credible driver cannot be overemphasized or adequately expressed with words. Timeliness is a critical part of business success, hence our proposal to handle all your professional driver’s outsourcing services.
Drivecare and Logistics are ready and available to execute with utmost quality all your needs as regards getting a professional driver. We want to do business with you and have you as one of our big success stories with the great and healthy business relationships between us.

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