Driver outsourcing


Driver Outsourcing


Mobility in Lagos and across Nigeria can be tagged as one of the most hectic and frustrating aspects of being a Nigerian. This is due to the lack of professional handlings the rush and buzz of Lagos, and the go-getting habit of Lagosians.

Here is an opportunity to enjoy and experience a whole new phase of mobility with Drivecare Logistics and Services[DCLS], an outstanding professional transport-tech company, with a focus on training, verifying, and outsourcing the best professional drivers to individuals and organizations.

To us at DCLS, Drivers are a very mobile cadre of employees and we know that at every point in time, individuals and corporate organizations are looking out for competent, experienced, well-groomed, reliable, and professionally trained drivers. Our objective is to meet this need promptly.

We provide the best services in recruitment and outsourcing of professional drivers, so whatever your needs are, be it, drivers, for domestic and corporate purposes, we are at your service.

Why choose us?

  • We have trusted, reliable, efficient, and dedicated Professional Drivers at our disposal.
  • Our system and processes are so effective and efficient that we have Professional Drivers near you, whatever your desired location and need is we are at your service.
  • We eliminate the need to advertise directly and substantially reduced time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.
  • We help you reduce the administrative cost of the drivers, such as medical, pension for this category of staff.
  • Professional Drivers under our management regularly undergo periodical training and retraining in driving techniques, safety habits, and first aid awareness. Etc. to ensure that they constantly update their knowledge and apply the best safety procedures constantly. Thus you are sure that well-trained drivers service your organization.
  • We provide alternative driver in any case of a client’s dissatisfaction or emergency
  • We also provide temporary drivers at a greatly discounted value, hence Savings in the cost of recruitment and placement
  • Work continuity is guaranteed as every driver proceeding on leave (annual or casual), would be promptly relieved by an equally competent and to be provided from our pool of tested personnel.

We are committed to making your experience with us easy, once a request is made for a driver and customers’ requirements are met, drivers are produced within 24 – 72hr 

Let us drive you so you can have that extra hour of talk on the phone with that business partner or loved one, as you complete that deal over the phone and read through your daily to-do and that inspiring book you just picked up.

We operate an intensive training curriculum for our drivers, while also verifying these drivers through a thorough background check, security verification, and guarantor’s background check.

We also offer professional drivers for hire that are Reliable, dedicated, and disciplined, we are committed to vetting and training corporate drivers, personal drivers, sales van drivers, truck drivers, drivers for Ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and Bolt, etc. 

Professional drivers from our platform are professionally trained, tested, and highly competent, safety-conscious, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, properly vetted & verified, and do not drink and drive. We perform constant checks on our drivers coupled with bimonthly training for our drivers. Also, all our drivers undergo periodic medical tests (usually every six months) to ascertain their physical and mental health to ensure they are fit for the job. Mobility just became a lot easier, relaxing, and flexible with DrivercareNG. We’re not just a Logistics and services company. We’re Your Partners.

Professional Drivers outsourcing in Lagos

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