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We offer fleet management, car rental & Licensing Services in Lagos,Nigeria.
Competitive Compensation

We pay Our drivers a competitive and fair wage that reflects their skills and experience. Regularly review and adjust compensation to keep it in line with industry standards.

Clear Policies and Expectations

Establish and communicate clear policies, procedures, and job expectations, including safety protocols, customer service standards, and driver conduct guidelines.

Training and Development

We Invest in ongoing training and development programs to enhance drivers' skills, safety awareness, and customer service abilities.


Licensing Services That We Offer

Drivecare Logistics and Services Ltd (DCLS), Nigeria's first and reliable provider of Vehicle Licensing Services, with over 6years of trusted business dealings and hands on experience. At drivecare, our passion is to provide our customers with the best vehicle licensing services and offer while they encounter no stress

  • Registration of New driver's license
  • Driver's License Renewal
  • Driver's License
  • Out of series plate
  • International driver's license
  • Dealer plate number
  • Change of ownership
  • Car Papers Renewal
  • Customized plate
  • Tinted Permit.
  • Roadworthiness
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Plate Number
+ More Services

What We Do

we are Nigeria's Leading Logistics-tech company
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Hire a driver

Get the best and well trained drivers, that have gone through our rigorous training and vetting Process.
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Fleet Management

Make the best use of your cars by enrolling in our fleet management service.
bus hire in Lagos

Vehicle Licensing & Renewal service

Get your car papers with DCLS Fast and Easy, Today.

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