Fleet Management

Drivecare Logistics and Services Ltd (DCLS) is an outstanding fleet management, transportation, and outsourcing Company with over 6years of trusted business dealings.

The objective of our fleet Management arm is: vision to be the Leading Provider of Road Transportation Services nationwide, across Africa and beyond. We ensure daily that our Fleet Management system runs with effective and efficient processes, by professionally trained personnel, that is the secret to our Profitable, safe and comfortable fleet Management system

Do you desire additional or extra income?

We manage and maintain a fleet of cars for corporate organizations and also individuals. Our range of clientele stretches beyond Lagos. We have proven to our existing clients our dependable, reliable, and efficient fleet Managing processes.

The Service under our fleet management include

  • Hire Purchase Fleet Management
  • Car Leasing/ Rental Fleet Management
  • Executive Bus Hire
  • Luxurious Car Rental
  • Car Sale
  • Delivery Van Hire

.Also, Drivecare Logistics is ready and available to execute with the utmost quality all your needs as regards getting a professional driver. We want to do business with you and have you as one of our big success stories with a great and healthy business relationship between us. We are looking forward to hearing from and doing business with you. Please, do not hesitate for further inquiries and clarification to contact us

car rental services in lagoss

Do you desire additional or extra income?

Why not make your car of 2009 model or newer version that you don’t use frequently do that for you and get up to N 100,000 or more in a month.

Drivecare Logistics and Services Ltd (DCLS) are partners  with Uber and Bolt[formerly Taxify] here are some of the tips you need to know regarding the requirements and your expected income




What is UBER?

Uber is a technology company that allows drivers to connect with riders that have requested a trip. From the founding of Uber in 2009 to its launch in over 300 cities today, Uber’s rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer.

Specific to Lagos, we have two options, all vehicles have to be Sedans (No hatchbacks accepted):

UberBLACKwhich covers the high-end transportation segment using Mercedes, Toyota Prado, Audi, BMW, and Lexus.

UberX The low-cost Uber has city cars such as Toyota Camry’s, Honda Accord’s, KIA Cerato’s and Nissan Almera’s, etc.

Documents requirements:

  1. Vehicles: 2009 and newer.
  2. Valid Vehicle License.
  3. Comprehensive Insurance (Visit http://www.compareinsurance.com.ng/uber/ for competitive rates for Uber partners).
  4. Certificate of Road Worthiness (VIS).
  5. Tint permit (if applicable).
  6. We will also appreciate it if the vehicles can be tracked (installing a tracker) Car requirements:


UberX: 2009 or later, 4 seats, Toyota Corolla/KIA Cerato/Hyundai Elantra or similar.

UberBLACK: 2009 or later, Mercedes ML/Toyota Land Cruiser/Toyota Highlander or similar. Should you decide to get cars on UberX you would have average earnings of up to N100,000 or more per month for a fully utilized car (Monday – Sunday) and up to N150,000 or more on UberBLACK.

Lagos is growing fast & we need to onboard more quality cars with quality drivers as soon as possible.

How do we DCLS come in:

You can still have your usual time to run your other businesses,

no stress of running after driver’s issues (fuelling, maintenance, etc),

sit back and relax in other to concentrate on some other pressing issues,

while we do that for you.

-Administrative charge to us: 15% on fares.

Key Points:

Uber Service fee/charge of 25% on fares.

Based on current criteria Trips Per Hour/TPH 0.55 (1 trip per 90 minutes), 80% Acceptance

Rate and 4.4 ratings.



What to do:

  1. Accept clients interesting car rental packages and propose Hire Purchase to them [immediately], hence we sell both packages simultaneously.
  2. Minimize Driver payment default to ensure the effectiveness of value offering
  3. Create a record for the maintenance repair account of a client who subscribes to it, and also create a record for default cushion account for client & create an account for default cushion[not to used or touched safely for the particular client involved]
  4. For insurance: sell 3.5% to the client and drive for 3% DCLS with the insurance company
  5. Recruit Drivers ready to pay an advance of #400k to #500k for Hire Purchase deals
  6. Retailor agreement document with an update of service system and process perpetually
  7. Tailor website such that the necessary information are captured by clients, potential clients, and Driver & Applicants
  8. All drivers coming in or becoming staff in any service unit will go through training.



Value offerings:

we have a system that helps a client maintain their asset[car] on our fleet management platform {a repair account, weeks inspection}.

System for Maintenance:

  1. Plan for monthly for maintenance,
  2. monthly servicing,
  3. maintenance/repair account and record for maintenance repair account specifically for the client and each recorded


we ensure we don’t owe clients whose assets[cars] are on our fleet management platform, due to our system that ensures guaranteed payment/installment weekly or monthly, having factored the major challenges that hinder or delay payment, So you can earn one hundred thousand naira [#100,000] with your car on our fleet management platform.

river Remittance: the system for driver remittance under our fleet management is so structured to avoid default and ensure driver’s steady payment.



The process to integrate your asset[car] into our fleet management platform is stress-free i.e simple and easy integration process.

The client is here to get our full requirement of integrating your cars into our fleet management platform



Leasing & Fleet Management

Fleetpartners Leasing is a comprehensive leasing solutions company servicing the corporate markets in Nigeria and Africa at large.

With our years of experience in vehicle leasing and fleet management, distinct professionalism, and technical expertise, we lease out vehicles at the most convenient means of payment through uniquely designed leasing options/ solutions to meet your fleet and financial needs.

Lease Options

Finance Lease

Operating Lease

Novated Lease

Sale & Leaseback

Short term Lease/Car Rentals

Public Sector Leasing

Insurance Asset Stop-gap



We locate, track and monitor the condition of your vehicles in real-time, to reduce theft and loss, and increase operational efficiency.
We provide a range of tracking solutions, depending on your particular requirements. Our solutions will give you a clear detailed view of your fleet, minimizing delays and additional costs.

Our anti-theft Vehicle Tracking and Recovery Solutions enable you to locate, track and control your vehicle anytime, anywhere.

Fleet Operations

We set up structures and controls to run fleet operations and maximize profit, be it in finance lease, operations lease, or any other lease solution we provide. We use our innovative and professional personnel, advanced technology, and pool of experience to manage operations for your fleet.

Fleet Management System

Our fleet management system uses a Datacard technology, Fleet management Software, and a professionally designed Structuring System.

Data card

Our Datacard collects information from the vehicles and sends them the fleet management software as well as relevant personnel which sees to the running of the entire operation of the fleet. The data card covers information on:

  1. Direct fuel reading and Fuel Management
  2. Maintenance schedule and alert
  3. Residual value schedule and alert
  4. Abuse monitoring and tracking
  5. Idle time management
  6. Trip management
  7. Driver behavior management and monitoring
  8. HSE compliance monitoring
  9. Odometer/kilometer readings
  10. Tracking and recovery

Fleet Management Software

Our fleet management software, Microfleet improves fleet productivity and provides the data needed for better, more informed decision making. Everything from detailed fleet equipment tracking, fleet maintenance scheduling, shop and work order management, parts inventory tracking, and fuel data management is part of the Microfleet management software solutions.

Microfleece processes data collected from the Datacard and automatically generates reports which are useful for analysis and decision making. It provides detailed reports on:

  • Asset recovery
  • Real-time and historical tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Vehicle location management
  • Residual value management
  • Maintenance scheduling and management
  • Fuel management
  • Vendor management
  • Driver compliance and management
  • Process automation
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Idle time management
  • Automated vehicle invoicing and receipting
  • Trip management





The provision of fleet management services mainly covers Corporate organizations outsourcing their land transportation requirements through a process of provision of vehicles by Avis Nigeria to the different categories of employees, pool vehicles, field /site operations, marketing mobility, staff buses, and status vehicles ranges from Managers to the Director level for a contractual period and at an agreed fixed monthly fee.

The services which broadly clarified into two (2) as follows;

  • Full Operating leasing entails options of Avis to supply of brand new vehicles of choice or out of existing preferred model or make of vehicle with the option of provision of drivers or self-drive which exclusively cover; repairs & maintenance, Insurance, licensing /renewals, track devices and fuel as an option.
  • Maintenance leasing involves outsourcing of Client owned fleet (either brand new vehicles or existing ones) to Avis that covers; repairs and maintenance, installation and maintaining tracking device, licensing and renewals with options of self-drive, Avis supplies drivers and fuel as an option.

 The risk of ownership, such as providing for huge capital layout in purchasing vehicles, maintenance, and re-sale also remain with AVIS. The re-sale of the vehicles to staff or employees at the end of the lease can be agreed upon by both parties.


  1. The full Maintenance leasing will be an “off–balance sheet financing to the client, the monthly rental can be considered as an operating expense.
  2. The client will only pay a fixed cost for the duration of the lease; this will directly have a positive effect on the cash flow position of the organization
  3. The full operating leasing will eliminate charging of depreciation against the lease vehicles hence, this will improve the company’s assets and gearing ratios.
  4. The outsourcing options (full operating lease or maintenance leasing) will allow the company to focus on its core function while efficiency will be driven by the outsourcing company from a scale advantage.
  5. Monthly management reports from AVIS fleet services provide accurate fleet efficiency information.


  • Robust and well-advanced technologies that drive the client’s choice in both outsourcing options
  • Stringent chauffeurs employment policy and processes
  • Commitment to the highest standard of Safety, Security, and Health of its business stakeholders which includes but is not limited to employees and clients.
  • Placing a premium on employees’ training and development.
  • Provision of replacement vehicles at no extra cost when the vehicle is undergoing any kind of repairs or at downtime.
  • Widespread of Locations in diff States in Nigeria.
  • Synergy and strong partnership with accredited auto garages at diff locations.
  • On-stop shop window by the use of our RENT-A CAR and Chauffeur services at different locations.
  • Service options flexibility that is tailored to client needs/requirements.
  • Management team comprising of multi-skilled professionals with diverse experience.