Driver’s license

How to get your driver’s license in Nigeria and How to renew your Driver’s License in Nigeria

– Attend training at an accredited driving school

– The driving school will then present you to the VIO officer for a driving test

– Pass the driving test and obtain a certificate of proficiency from the VIO

– Complete the driver’s license application form at the driver’s license Centre (DLC)

– Pay the license fee online or at the bank

– Present your application form to the board of internal revenue (BIR) officer and VIO at the DLC for endorsement

– Proceed to the FRSC office at the DLC for Biometric data capture

– Obtain a temporary driver’s license valid for 60 days

– Pick up the original driver’s license at the BIR office after 60 days

To new or renew your National driving license, you can visit the following link to apply.