Drivecare Logistics and Services Ltd (DCLS), is Nigeria’s foremost and reliable provider of Vehicle Licensing Services, with over 6years of trusted business dealings and hands-on experience. At drivecare, our passion is to provide our customers with the best vehicle licensing services and offers while they encounter no stress.

The process of renewal of vehicle license or particulars can force you to spend a large amount of time collecting all the necessary documents, visiting different offices and it can drag on and on; Despite how much The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has developed a much easier and faster procedure for Nigerians to get or renew their driving or vehicle license, the process is still tedious.

There is No Grace or free Period for the Renewal of Expired Driver’s License, Car papers, Vehicle License, and Documents in Nigeria. Our law does not provide any grace period rather expects you to renew your driver’s license one month before it expires. So, always renew them before they expire! Why stress yourself getting all the information about renewing your vehicle license and how much it will cost, when we can get it done for you.


  • Registration of New driver’s license
  • Driver’s License Renewal
  • International driver’s license.
  • Dealer plate number
  • Change of ownership
  • Car Papers Renewal
  • Out of series plate
  • Plate Number
  • Customized plate
  • Third-Party Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Roadworthiness
  • Vehicle License


Why should you trust Drivecare?

  • All our Licenses and captures are done in the MVAA (Motor Vehicle Administrative Agency) closest to you for ease and comfort
  • Each of these services is provided by our wide range of dedicated, trusted, and professional staff to help reduce the stress of getting a license.
  • You rest assured of not having multiple registration issues, FRSC stress, and lots more with us.
  • We’re dedicated, committed, and propelled to always give you nothing short of the best.

Licensing just got easier with Drivecare. We’re Not Just a Logistics and services company. We’re Your Partner.


Majorly the very need for documentation and licensing is for identification proof so that you’re able to drive your car without stress and harassment from government authorities.

The first vehicle roadworthiness for a brand new car in Nigeria runs for at least four years, and cars older than four years need vehicle particulars renewal. It is obvious that the majority of cars in the country fall into this range of the latter. The licensing authorities do not allow so much period of grace, so car owners have to renew their particulars a few weeks before expiry.

Documents that constitute the vehicle Particulars include;

    • Third-Party Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance